How To Use acpi Command In Linux

acpi command in Linux platform allows users to see various ACPI information including battery status and many more. The command actually displays derives information from /proc/acpi or /sys/class file system based on various requirements as mentioned in the options section.


acpi [options]

Various options to use acpi command

  • -a | -ac-adapter: shows ac adapter information
  • -b | -battery: displays battery details
  • -t | -thermal: shows thermal details
  • -c | -cooling: displays cooling device details
  • -v | -everything: displays every options by overriding above options
  • -s | -show-empty: displays non-operational status
  • -i | -details: displays additional details like battery capacity, temperature points, etc, if available
  • -f | -fahrenheit: displays Fahrenheit as temperature unit
  • -k | -kelvin: shows Kelvin as temperature unit
  • -d | -default <dir>: displays path to ACPI info
  • -h | -help: displays help information and exits
  • -v | -version: displays version related details and exits
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