How To Use acpi_available Command In Linux

acpi_available is a command that can be used on Linux platforms to test if ACPI subsystem is available or not. Here the term ACPI represents to Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. When this command runs, it shows 3 returns which are as follows:

  • 0: Returns that ACPI subsystem is available
  • 1: Returns that ACPI subsystem is non existing
  • 2: It means some usage error occurred

In order to run this command, a user can run the following syntax:

$ acpi_available

Options that can be used with acpi_available command:

  • info acpi_available: when this is run, it displays the help details regarding the command


$ acpi_available
$ echo $?

running the above command will display 0 as the output. We used echo $? in order to display last return status.