Use aplaymidi Command In Linux (Examples)

aplaymidi command in linux represents to a command-line tool or utility that is used for playing specified MIDI file/files to one or more ALSA sequencer ports. The term MIDI here stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. So, in this article, we will be learning how to use aplaymidi command in Linux to play MIDI files.

Syntax to use aplaymidi command in Linux-Ex

aplaymidi [options] [MIDIfile]

Available options to use aplaymidi command

  • -h | -help: displays help information
  • -V | -version: displays version details
  • -l | -list: prints the list of output ports
  • -p | -port=client:port..: used for setting up sequencer ports to which the events in MIDI files are sent.
  • -d | -delay=seconds: used for specifying the delay time to wait after the end of each MIDI file

Examples to use aplaymidi command in Linux

1: Specifying ports to play MIDI files

aplaymidi -p 14:0 test1.mid

2: Displaying version of aplaymidi

aplaymidi --version