Using bzgrep Command In Linux- Examples

bzgrep command in Linux allows users to search a pattern or expression inside a bzip2-compressed files. Means, using this command, a user can invoke grep on .bz2 extension based files. All options specified are passed directly to grep, and in case if no files are specified, then the standard output file is decompressed and passed to grep. In other case, the specified files are decompressed and fed to grep if necessary.

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In case if bzgrep command is invoked as bzegrep or bzfgrep, then egrep and fgrep is used instead of grep. In case if GREP environment is specified, bzgrep use it as grep program to be invoked.

Syntax to use bzgrep command in Linux

bzgrep [ grep_options ] [ -e ] pattern file_name..

Example of bzgrep commands

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Just create a file named servo and compress it using bzip2. Then we use bzgrep command to search a pattern “tutorial”.

Cat > servo
Linux and wordpress tutorial.
bzip2 servo
bzgrep “tutorial” servo.bz2
Linux and wordpress tutorial.


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