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How to install Franz App on Fedora Linux?


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As it's mentioned in this article, I have managed to install the Franz app on my Debian Linux, but what steps should I follow to get the app on Fedora Linux versions.

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To install Franz app on Fedora Workstation versions, you can choose to install the Flatpak version on your desktop. Fedora comes pre-installed with Flatpak package manager, and you need just to add Flathub remote repo to it, and run the following command to install Franz easily. here's what you should do:

Although, Flatpak is installed by default in Fedora, if you are using older versions, you can install the package manager with:

sudo dnf update && sudo dnf install flatpak

Now, add the Flathub repo:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Once done, install the Franz app easily with:

sudo flatpak install flathub com.meetfranz.Franz

Hope this may help you.

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