How To Use amixer Command In Linux-Examples

amixer command in Linux is a actually a mixer utility for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) sound card driver. This mixer can support a number of sound cards. When this command is used without any arguments, it will display currently used mixer configuration for default sound card. Also, using this command allows users to get an ideal way to know the list of simple mixer controls available for their use.

Syntax to use amixer command in Linux

amixer [-option] [command]

Available options to use with amixer command in Linux-Ex

  • -h | -help: displays help information and exits
  • -info: displays amixer related information and exits
  • -scontols: displays a list of simple controls available to use and exits
  • -scontents: displays list of simple mixer controls and their contents
  • -c: selects the card number that requires to be controlled
  • -D: selects the device that requires to be controlled
  • -s | stdin: reads and runs each stdin commands one by one
  • -q: tells the command to show not the result of changes
  • -R: it uses the raw value for evaluating percentage representation
  • -M: utilizes the mapped volume for evaluating percentage representation
  • -v: shows the version related details
  • set | sset: used for assigning new contents for simple mixer
  • get | sget: displays control contents of simple mixer
  • controls: displays list of available controls for sound card
  • contents: shows list of card controls and their content
  • cset: used for setting card controls
  • cget: displays the card control contents