Using atq Command In Linux (Examples)

atq command in Linux platform allows users to display pending jobs which are scheduled. The users with superuser privilege can display pending jobs from all users while a certain user can display only those which are configured by them.

Syntax to use atq command in Linux

atq [-V] [-q]


at -l [-V] [-q]

Explanation: In the syntax above, -V is an option to display version number and the -q is used to display a specified job queue. The term queue can be specified by any single letter lying from A to Z.

Note: If the atq command is used without any parameters, it will display all pending jobs. Probably, it will show all jobs if user is superuser, else the jobs started by certain users only.

Examples to use atq command in Linux

1: Displaying version number

atq -V


at -l -v

2: Display all pending jobs



at -l

3: Display jobs from a certain queue (say d)

atq -q d


at -l -q d