Using atrm or at Command In Linux (Examples)

atrm command in Linux distros, allows users to remove a certain job number. In order to terminate a job with this command, users need to input job number. While using this command, a user should make sure to delete only those jobs which belongs to them, and only superuser privilege enabled users can only remove any jobs that is created by another user.

Syntax to use atrm command in Linux

atrm [-V] [job_num]


at -r [-V] [job_num]

Explanation: As shown in the syntax atrm or at -r, both can be used for same purpose, where the -V is an option used for displaying version number, while the [job_num] indicates to a specified job number.

Examples to use atrm command

1: Delete a certain job number (say 21)

atrm 21


at -r 21

2: Deleting multiple jobs at a time (say job number 21 and 23)

atrm 21 23


at -r 21 23