Using bzcmp Command In Linux- Examples

bzcmp command in Linux is used to run bzcmp utility. Using this tool, one can invoke the cmp on bzip2 compressed files. Basically, all options are assigned directly to cmp. In case if only 1 file is specified, then it will compare file1 with uncompressed file1.bz2. However, if two files are specified, they are uncompressed if essential and fed to cmp. The exit status from the cmp is preserved.

Syntax to use with bzcomp command in Linux

bzcmp [ cmp_options ] file1 [ file2 ]

Examples of bzcmp command

1: Using bzcmp with single parameter

bzcmp servonode.bz2 servonode

2: Comparing two files

bzcmp servonode.bz2 servo.bz2