Recover Or Change Facebook Password Without Old Password?

You may forget your Facebook password at times, and you can’t even remember the previous one to help you update it. The old password is something really important that anyone can use for hacking your account also. In order for picking out some good options to change your password, you may have to follow certain steps. This article will give you an idea about how to change your Facebook password without an old password and what makes your account safe.

People who use this app often may also think of changing the password after some time. Such changes allow the users to create more secure and strong passwords in order to avoid any cyber-attack, and such accounts are not at risk of getting compromised. However, if an account has a weak password, it’s most likely that someone, probably from your near and dear ones, may guess it and hack your FB account. They may use the account then for any malicious activity or to threaten someone, and if you don’t report it, it’s you who will be in trouble. So, keep an eye on your password and keep changing it from time to time to avoid any issue later.

Steps to change your Facebook Password

In order to change your Facebook Password, you will need to follow certain steps.

First of all, click on “Help” and then on “Forgotten Password”. You will have to write your previous password and email there. After that, click on “Reset Password”.

After that, you will receive a code on your email. Type that code into the box given there. You will see 4 options on that page:

  • Reset Password without verification using Google Authenticator.
  • Reset Password without verification on SMS
  • Change “Current Password”.
  • Change “Current Password” with “Google Authenticator”.

Reset facebook password

You can chose any of these options that is most suitable for you because at times, you may not have your phone in pocket, so you can chose Email option. Or if you don’t remember your email’s credentials, then Google Authenticator will work. So, it’s up to you to decide which option you want to go for.

Tips to find a good password

First of all, you must have clarity in your mind about the kind of password you are going to use. You need to choose at least 8 characters in your password, and that too must contain 3 different types of characters, including numbers, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters. Also, make sure that your password is a combination of different words. This is done not to let others guess it as easily as they want.

One more thing that you must take into account is the password’s length. Try to keep it short but not too short of making it obvious for everyone to guess. For example, if you chose “ABC1234-“ as your password, that is quite easy to guess, and someone who is obsessed with hacking may use it on the 3rd or 4th attempt, and you will end up losing the account. Also, never dare to choose your name as the Facebook password. That’s a silly mistake most people do, and then someone from their own gathering guesses it.

If you choose a password with your favourite character’s name, such as “Ironman-256”, that’s a good option until you write the numbers different from what is mentioned on Iron Man’s shirt. The reason is the same, someone who knows you really well will try to guess it and will be successful for sure. So, it’s better not to let anyone steal your identity that easily.

Risks associated with a Weak Password

There are various risks associated with using a weak Facebook Password. One of them is that if someone guesses it, they will steal your personal information and can use it anywhere, which may get you in trouble as well. Also, it will be easy for them to change the “Account Settings”. Also, one of the mistakes most people do is that they use the same password for multiple Facebook IDs or for other platforms. For example, if you use your Facebook password on your bank account, and if it gets caught, you will lose two precious things, a Facebook account, and your money.

The above-mentioned things happen quite often when you choose a password that can be guessed easily. So, it doesn’t matter whether you keep the password long or short or use your favourite character’s name as your password, don’t keep it that simple. Or else, you will be on the losing side, which is not what you actually want.

Is there a way to see your old password on Facebook?

You cannot hide your old password from Facebook as you may need it at any moment. But you may hide it from other people. In this regard, the best option is to set up a 2-step authentication or verification process for FB. And that’s where you will have to use Google Authenticator. This is done to avoid using an app-generated code that will ask you to use your email and password.

Change FB password without old password

Moreover, since Facebook keeps your account protected, you may have to answer the security question also in order to recover it. One of the ways to do it is to click on “Forgot Your Password?” and then click on “I can’t access my Facebook Account”. After that, click on “I forgot my email address and phone number”. You may also use 3rd party apps in this regard. So, it’s your choice to get it done for yourself.


Facebook is surely an entertaining app, but it is never as secure as other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. So, you can only ensure its safety of it if you use a strong password. There are multiple tips mentioned above for choosing a strong password. And if you find it difficult to memorize it, just write it somewhere so that you may not face any issue the next time you try to login to it.