How to turn on Samsung Phone without Power Button

Android phones come with a number of features and at times, the hardware components of software start malfunctioning. That’s when the power button stops working. This article will give you an idea of how you can turn on Samsung phone without power button.

Samsung phones have their power buttons on the top right corner. Once you press it, the screen lights will start to turn up. And pressing again will turn it on. You can also turn “Sleep Mode” on with the same button. So, there are many options associated with power button on which we rely the most and we cannot afford to lose it.

However, the users may find the following issues with Samsung phone’s power button:

  • Physical damage
  • An error in the update
  • Broken or damaged power button
  • Battery problems

All these issues will lead to an unresponsive power button which is surely not usable. Let’s take a look at what you can do to restart your phone.

Turning the Phone On when its screen is off

Here are some of the methods to turn your phone on when its screen is off.

1. Restart from Boot Menu

When you are unable to restart your phone using the power button, you can use boot menu to do it. The same option is used for clearing cache or factory reset as well. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. First of all, long press the power button, home and volume-up button to open the Recover Menu option in your Samsung phone. The other combinations you may have to use under such circumstances include “Power & Home Button, Volume-up”, “Volume-down & Home button” and “Volume-down, Power & Home Button”.
  2. After entering the “Recover Menu” option, click on “Reboot System Now”. At this moment, you can use “Volume-up and Volume-down Buttons” for navigating the options and for making a selection.

Recovery mode android

So, even if you don’t have a power button to turn on the phone, you can use the reboot menu to do it. However if, alongside power button, either of the Volume-up or volume-down buttons don’t work, there is no way for you to use this method. You may look for other combinations to do it but two damaged buttons at the same time will require you to repair the phone.

2. Restart the Phone using Android Debug Bridge

If you can’t turn the phone on using above-mentioned method, Android Debug Bridge will surely help you. But don’t forget to turn the USB Debug Feature on. Here’s how you can use ADB to restart your phone:

  • Start the procedure by installing “Android Studio” and other tools from the website.
  • After that, find the ADB Directory where you have installed it.
  • Use a USB cable for connecting your phone with the system and use ADB commands to turn the phone on. Start with using “ADB Devices” command. It will start showing the ID and name of your device. After that, use “adb –s <device ID> reboot”. You will end up restarting your device without the use of power button.

Android debug bridge

So, the built-in features of your Samsung phone may also help you turn it on without much effort.

3. Use a Charger to restart the phone

Any smartphone will turn off once it’s discharged. So, connecting the charger to the phone is a better way to see whether it’s due to low battery or any other issue. And if it is due to low-battery, there is no need to use any method. Just plug in your smartphone to a charger and it will turn on.

Use the charger

All the above-mentioned methods are usable only if the phone is switched off and you can’t see anything on the screen. However, if the screen of your Samsung phone is on but the power button isn’t working, you can use the following ways.

Turning the Phone On when its screen is On

Take a look at some of the methods to turn your Phone On when its screen is On.

1. Turn it on using Camera or Home Buttons

If your Samsung phone is in sleep mode or isn’t responding properly, you can use the other options available. For example, you can plug it into a charger which will be helpful in breaking the sleep mode and your device will be turned on automatically. If this method does not seem to work, use someone else’s phone to call on yours. It may also activate it. Moreover, long pressing the camera button or home button will also get the job done for you.

2. Use Different Apps for replacing the Power Button

Apps are not meant to be used in leisure time only, you can use them as the replacement for buttons as well. This will help you substitute another key for power button and you won’t need it anymore.

Here are some of the apps you can use in this regard for turning your Samsung Phone on:

2.1. Power Button to Volume Button

If the power button of your phone isn’t working, you can use this app (Power Button to Volume Button) for free to replace the former. Just download it from Play Store for using it as the power button’s replacement. So, the volume button of your phone can also help you turn on/off the phone.

Power button to volume button

2.2. Gravity Screen

You can download this app as well for free from Play Store. This will let you use the sensors of your phone for detection purposes. Once you pick it up, your device will be turned on automatically. But this app will work until your phone’s sensors keep working effectively. You can also use many other options using this app. Overall, this is a good option if the power button of your phone doesn’t respond properly.

Gravity screen


All of us rely heavily on the power button of our Samsung phones and if it isn’t working the way we want, we may not be able to use our phones in the best possible way. And there can be multiple reasons for this to happen. However, a good option is to use other apps that work as the replacement for power button. Or you can use other buttons for this purpose. So, just find out the reason first and see whether it is repairable or not. That’s the only way for you to make the things work.