Best Snapchat Story Viewer Apps In 2023>View Snapchat Secretly

Best Snapchat Story Viewer Apps to view stories secretly

Here the article includes the best Snapchat story viewer apps in 2023 to view Snapchat users secretly. These apps are focused to help you know who actually viewed your Snapchat stories. So keep reading this article.

Introduction To Snapchat and Snapchat Story Viewers

In the list of widely used social media platforms, the Snapchat is one of the messaging platform which has a large number of user base and approx more than 10 billion videos are seen everyday. Even it’s the best way for shoppers to promote their brands and products as the social platform offers them to connect with a large range of global users.

Sharing content like pictures, videos, or texts on social media is quite common practice nowadays that helps content creators to increase their followers. Even most of the social media platform including Snapchat offers to share ‘Stories’, that’s too a very famous feature to connect with followers. Using this feature, the Snapchat users can easily create and post a story for a period of time, and their followers can view such content. Also, the Snapchat users have a feature through which they can limit or control who can view their stories by blocking certain users.

Also, the Snapchat allows the users to check anytime that how many views their Snapchat story has gained, and which of the followers have viewed it. And based on preferred requirements, the users can also alter who can view their Snapchat story either to everyone, my friends or custom.

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How to determine viewers of your Snapchat Story?

check snapchat story viewers
Check Snapchat Story Viewers

If you are new to Snapchat and recently shared a story, then you might intend to view actually who has viewed your story and taken the screenshot of it. To find it out, follow the steps here:

  • Open Snapchat application on your device.
  • Go to ‘Profile’ section.
  • Tap on ‘My Story’ to view your shared stories.
  • To view the viewers of specific story, swipe up and it will show the list of viewers.
Important Note

By swiping up to view the views of your stories, it allows you to know only 200 users with their names, and after that the Snapchat shows just the numbers with no names.

How to set who can view your Snapchat Story?

While sharing your stories on Snapchat, if you ever intend to block certain users to view your story, you need to change the story settings and block certain users to view your content. Snapchat offers you three options named ‘Everyone’, ‘My Friends’, and ‘Custom’ as depicted in the picture below. To use these for your specific story, follow the instructions:

change story viewer's permissions
Change story viewer’s permissions
  • Launch Snapchat on your device and navigate to ‘Profile’.
  • Click on Settings (Gear icon) under Profile section.
  • Scroll down to ‘Who can see my story…’ and hit ‘View My Story’.
  • Now, the above shown options will be shown. Based on your needs, you can select Everyone, My Friends, or Custom.
Important Note

These settings to privatize your stories on Snapchat will work only to your future stories, and won’t apply to ones you already shared.

About Viewing Snapchat’s Stories Secretly

With Snapchat and most of the social media platforms, it offers 24 hours for a story to be view-able to followers, then disappears automatically. Means, the followers would have only 24 hours to view those shared stories, however the content creators still can view who actually viewed their stories even after the stories get disappeared.

Many a times, it’s a good practice to view someone’s shared stories secretly, however the Snapchat offers no direct methods to do so. Still, the users can get through some possible tricks through which they can easily view one’s stories on their profile without letting them know you actually viewed their stories. Let’s discuss how’s this possible?

Approaches to view Snapchat Stories secretly

As mentioned, there are some possible tricks or methods through which you can easily view someone’s Snapchat story secretly, and here are the methods elaborated:

Method 1: Using Airplane Mode

using airplane mode

  • Launch Snapchat on your device.
  • Click on Stories icon from the bottom-right corner.
  • On the Stories page, refresh it to make sure all Snapchat stories are loaded completely.
  • After setting all the stories set to be viewed, close the app completely.
  • Now, turn your device Airplace Mode On.
  • Once done, open Snapchat app once again and browse to see one’s stories, and you will not be counted in their viewer’s list.
  • Once you viewed, do make sure to clear the Snapchat app cache as well.
  • Now, turn off the Airplane Mode.

So, this way, you can easily view Snapchat stories secretly without letting to content creators to know you actually have seen their shared content.

Method 2: Using Snapchat Discover

using snapchat discover

Snapchat includes a feature called ‘Snapchat Discover’ that can also help users to view someone’s story secretly without letting them know. If you wish to do so, here are the steps to follow:

  • Launch Snapchat in your device, and swipe left to see Snapchat Discover screen. Here, you can see the list of all latest stories by other users.
  • On this page, scroll down to find the profile of one you want to see the story.
  • Once the profile is found, tap on it to view the shared stories.
  • Here, you can also send the Snapchat story to your loved ones by press and hold the story, and share option will be displayed. Also, you can add your custom text or decorate the story before sending to your friends.

Other alternative methods to view someone’s story secretly

Apart from your own Snapchat account, you can also use here mentioned alternative methods to view one’s Snapchat story without being counted in their viewer’s list:

Using Another Snapchat Account

This is quite simple as you just need to create another Snapchat account that doesn’t show your personal information. Once this secondary account is ready, log in to account using its credentials and find the one whose story you want to see secretly.

Using Snapchat Story Viewer Apps

As it reads, there’s number of Snapchat Story viewer apps available that can also help you to view someone’s story secretly. Actually, these apps are specifically crafted for parents to keep watching over their kid’s activity on Snapchat and even other social media platforms as well. For corporate managers, the apps can also be helpful to keep an eye over employees and their activities on social media. Although, there’s a number of such Snapchat Story viewer apps available in the market, we have crafted a collection of the best ones based on their features, and you can try them for your own purposes as well.


Although, we have included here the names of Snapchat Story viewer apps in this article, we intend not to promote its usage. One can use these apps on their own risk.

List Of Best Snapchat Story Viewer Apps In 2023

1: FlexiSpy


In order to track someone on social media or view their activities, FlexiSpy is one of the most popular app. It includes a number of features to track someone’s activities on various social media platforms including Snapchat as well. Means, using this app easily allows you to view someone’s story on Snapchat anonymously.

Speaking more about its features, it can also help to monitor one’s SMS messages sent through instant messengers, and it’s technically can be used on PC, Android and iOS devices as well with all its features.

2: CocoSpy


CocoSpy is another Snapchat Story viewer app which we have included in our list for 2023. The most interesting fact about this app is, it’s loaded with tons of features and is completely free. You just need to sign up on its official website, and start spying over ones on Snapchat. Even, you can view someone’s story as well without them being informed.

You can access the app without any limitations and keep an eye over one’s actions on Snapchat such as messages, shared pictures, and many more. Not just over Snapchat, but it offers to track other social media platforms too.

3: mSpy


mSpy is also an option you can try to keep eye over your friends, kids, or employees to view their social media activities anonymously. You can view shared photos, videos, and more visual contents shared by tracked ones on Snapchat and other social media platforms too.

4: SpyMyFone


In the list of best Snapchat Story viewer app in 2023, SpyMyFone is also a good option that’s loaded with great features to track other’s activities on social media services. Means, you can easily view someone’s Snapchat story as well.

5: SpyFone


SpyFone is basically a premium or paid app available for Android as well as iOS devices. It can easily be considered as the best Snapchat Story viewer app. It’s premium version allows to keep a track on other social platform based activities too. In addition to these, the app can also be used for spying general mobile devices and its related activities too. And obviously the SpyFone is the most suitable app for the parents or the employees who want to keep a track a track over their kids and under-working people respectively.

6: SpyZie


SpyZie is another great option and is available for Android as well as iOS devices through which tracking Snachat activities is possible. Actually, this app offers more other flexible features too. The interested users cane easily download and install the app on their device.

Speaking about more of its attributes, it offers quite friendly interface that supports the latest OS versions. In addition, it not just allows to view Snapchat users and their activities, but also allows supports more other social platforms too. This is why, it’s added in our list of best Snapchat Story viewer app.

How to Identify Snapchat Viewer Who Viewed Your Story Multiple Times?

Snapchat offers anyone to view one’s stories multiple times in case if the user is permitted to view the content by content creator. This also means, if someone is allowed to view Snapchat story, they can view the content multiple times as well unless the content is deleted from owner’s profile and the viewer’s name will be added in the story viewer’s list. But, this doesn’t allow content creators to know who have viewed their stories multiple times.

But, in case if you want to know which Snapchat user has viewed your stories multiple times, then here mentioned instructions can be helpful. However, the mentioned instructions won’t allow to know the exact number of times for which the stories are viewed. Here’s the steps:

view snapchat viewers multiple times

  • Open Snapchat on your device and navigate to Profile, and tap ‘My Story’.
  • Swipe up your story to see the list of viewers.
  • Now, compare the current viewer’s list with a previous one.

Actually, the Snapchat shows the user name on top in the list, who viewed your profile last time. Means the list is organized actually in the such a manner that last viewer is listed in top, and if a viewer views your profile more than once, you can notice his/her name on the top. Just need to keep comparing your viewer’s list again and again.

How To Find If Snapchat Story Is Taken As Screenshot?

view snapchat viewers multiple times

While using Snapchat, If you want to know who has taken the screenshot of your stories, this is easily possible, and can be accomplished in the My Story section. Just need to swipe up your Snapchat stories, and tap on the Screenshot icon in the right to the Viewer icon. There, you can see the name of those users who has actually taken screenshot of your story.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat is a widely popular social media platform that also offers you to share your visual content in form of stories. If you want sometimes to view someone’s Snapchat stories secretly, then above mentioned tricks might be helpful. Also, you can take help of best Snapchat story viewer apps to keep track over a Snapchat or other social media platform users to know about their activities. Do share this tutorial with your friends. If you have any question, you can click to Visit Our Discussion Board.