How To Trace Down Fake TikTok Account?

How to trace a fake tiktok account

While using a TikTok account, there are many factors you need to consider, such as the way to handle the account, activities, and number of followers in order to tell whether the account is fake or not. But one obvious thing about such an account is that you will see spam subscriptions or links shared by it. And the number of followers will also be less. Apart from that, you can identify a fake account by tracing its location also using different tools.

Let’s take a look at how you can get to know whether a TikTok account is real or fake and how you can trace it.

How to tell if someone’s TikTok account is fake?

If you notice the following activities and signs, you can tell whether the TikTok account is fake or not.

  • You will find a default profile picture on that account, with some random photo from internet or at times, there will be no photo.
  • Fake accounts often have misspelled names which is a tactic they intentionally use to seek some attention.
  • You won’t find genuine contacts or friends in the followers’ list, only some specific accounts will be there.
  • Profile descriptions will most probably be copied from a trending business account and you can get a feel of “make-up” things just after looking at the bio.
  • If the posts uploaded on the account have no proper design or style, or they are similar to a trending account, the account is fake.

You can also check the join dates or see if there is any special profile in the followers list. If there is any, that’s a clear indication that the TikTok account is not real.

Trace a fake tiktok account

All the above-mentioned signs can help you know about spam accounts but these are just hypothetical signs that may or may not be true. However, in order to confirm it, you have the option of tracing the location.

How to check whether a TikTok Account is fake or real?

Take a look at some of the points given below to confirm about a fake TikTok account.

1. See its Profile

The genuine users having a real account post stuff regarding their background, life or experiences. You will also find a stylish caption with adorable posts. You can tell in the first place about it. But in a fake account, you will find multiple users and random posts related to nothing. There won’t be any proper caption and the posts you find might be taken from other accounts.

2. Promoting Spam

Scammers can share spam links using any social media platform, but this one is specifically used for this purpose because a large number of people use TikTok for entertainment. And when they see a Netflix subscription link for free, they try to open it and end up getting scammed. Or such accounts share links to various businesses that shows that those accounts are fake.

Some beginners also desire to have more followers in order to gain popularity but since their account is not verified or they lack quality content, they can’t collect as many followers as they want. This is also a sign that helps you know that the account is fake.

Tiktok average engament rate

3. Check Number Of Followers

A real Tiktok account whether it be a celebrity or a business account, will have mostly quite large follower-base account. Means, if you notice such an account named after a popular celebrity or business, but have low number of followers, then it might be a fake account.

How can you trace the location of a fake TikTok Account?

It’s always fun to catch a suspect by tracing the location. Let’s see how you can do it.

Find the Country

If someone operates a fake account, they will either add a third country’s name or will post something related to a specific country or place. So, if you find someone promoting even the smallest things associated with that place, the person belongs to that place. The reason is that it’s not easy to add emotions to something you took from Google. So, the first step of finding the country is completed.

Use Tools to track the IP Address

You can use various online tools such as Grabify for finding and tracking the IP address of fake TikTok user. You can follow the given steps:

• Start by shortening the long link.
• Share that link with another TikTok user.
• Copy the IP address once the user opens the link you sent.

“Grabify IP Logger URL & Shortener” is another addition to the tools that will provide you with detailed data. You will find all the info regarding any user’s TikTok account using this tool. Here is how you can use it:

Grabify to track a fake tiktok user

• Visit their official website.
• Enter the TikTok account’s URL on the search bar and click on “Create URL”.
• You will see a new URL within no time.
• Just copy the “Tracking Code” from there and paste it on the home page.

You will find all the information regarding that account, doesn’t matter whether it is real or fake.

Who are Fake TikTok Influencers?

Fake influencers are those who seem to impersonate real ones for which they post high-quality images and fake their relationships with famous brands. You can clarify whether the video posted on the account is actually done by the owner or some other person. They try to make other users believe that it’s a real TikTok account so that they may gain some popularity which may bring them some money also.

Anyone can become a fake influencer these days and there are multiple such accounts that exist on TikTok. You can buy followers, you can copy others’ content or you can do various other things in this regard. So, making a fake account won’t bring you anything but disrespect which is why you should avoid it.


There are various reasons why people make fake TikTok accounts, some of them want popularity while others look for money and some of them just try to look like their idols. But if you find an account that is trying to spam you or sending you different links, you must not open them without proper investigation. For that purpose, use the above-mentioned tools for tracing the account as well as its location and see whether it is a real account or a fake one.

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